Why does the fluorescent light fixture broken?

We must test the facts in the fluorescent light fixtures as following,Initially,the protective conductor output hole, there ought to be no sharp edges, otherwise it will eventually cut wire, conduction; movable lamps, this kind of as lamps, lamp, lamp wires within the entrance needs to be fixed wire gadget, its role is to prevent the energy line back and forth when touching the heating component, a heating insulated wire or melt, also simple to 1, the phenomenon resulted through the over markers, we will see the brand, model, rated voltage, rated electrical power and so light, so as to judge whether it meets the prerequisites of the lamp we use; the rated power is additionally pretty limited vital, this kind of as lamp rated energy we buy is 60W, can we give it to install 100W bulb the use of lamps and lanterns, is bound to damage, but also conveniently lead to carry out two, anti shock gadget, irrespective of whether it truly is light, all in electrical power, we must not touch the electric elements, if it is capable to touch the leakage. Check out the beneath energized problem.

We will with our youngest a finger to touch, if not touch, this lamp with respect to us is in line together with the requirements of conductor, there are actually provisions in the common, the minimum sectional area from the wire must not less than 0.5mm it, market place will definitely there are many significantly less compared to the normal wire, this kind of a wire conveniently burnt, short-circuit and develop harmful. So we with the time of invest in to optimistic with regards to the wire insulation layer about the printed label, see time is significantly less than 0.5mm L (three) to examine the lamps and lanterns of other add-ons, this kind of as ight ballast.
(one) in case the electronic ballast for your invest in of the lamps and lanterns is used, the lamps and lanterns with abnormal protection electronic ballast should be utilized. Precisely what is abnormal protection. And that is the lamp inside the use approach, lines appear non standard state of safety, protected through the regular operate of your recent transformer (two) if your order fluorescent light fixture use of fluorescent ballast, a TW value (rated operating temperature), the greater the value, ballast daily life time longer.

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