Why decide on the high pressure sodium lamp?

High pressure sodium lamp is really a variety of high intensity gas discharge lamp. The usage of high-pressure sodium lamp a golden white light, with luminous efficiency, much less energy consumption, extended services existence, by way of fog and luring and so forth. pros. Broadly utilized in road, highway, airport, dock, dock, station, square, street intersection, industrial and mining enterprises, parks, garden lighting and plant cultivation. Substantial color high-pressure sodium lamp is mainly used in gymnasium, exhibition hall, amusement parks, department shops and hotels and other places lighting. High pressure sodium lamp discharge materials vapor stress is very high, namely higher atomic density of sodium, sodium atoms and electron collision between the amount of frequent, the resonance radiation broadening of spectral lines and also other visible spectrum of radiation, so the high-pressure sodium lamp light shade is improved than that of reduced stress sodium lamp.

Wick may be the use of metal stents will arc tube and getter ring and fixed to the column, the arc tube at each ends from the electrode are respectively linked with columns with two inner guidebook wire. The core is composed of the guidebook wire, the exhaust pipe as well as horn by substantial temperature flame fused into a single. The metal guide wire and glass sealing part of the connection in the growth coefficients should be matched with, can stay away from the second sealing materials growth coefficient is not really the same, leading to sealing glass tension and burst or lighting persistent air leak.

Glass will be the collection of higher temperature challenging glass manufacturing. Glass shell and a wick trumpet by higher temperature flame melting sealing, then evacuated or full of an inert gas, after which loaded over the total lamp head lighting essential form. Because of the high temperature from the arc tube, the bare metal is particularly simple to oxidize and brittle, and it should be positioned in the vacuum or inert fuel. It may possibly also lower the heat loss in the arc tube, strengthen the cooling finish temperature, and improve the luminous efficiency

The lamp holder’s function is definitely the circuit connect the hps bulbs. The long-life bulb demands the lamp holder and also the glass shell really should be firmly connected, no loosening and shedding phenomenon. Consequently, the common use of thread mechanical fastening technological innovation, can avert welding mud purely natural aging and fall off. Manufacturing with the lamp cap products typically used brass band, and lamp holder to keep smaller get hold of resistance, lessen metal oxide layer around the surface. When the bulbs utilized in the unique surroundings, but additionally inside the brass lamp surface coating layer or possibly a nickel chromium layer. The model is: E27 lamp holder, E40 socket

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