What’s the low pressure sodium lamp?

Low pressure sodium lamp will be the finest source of solar street lighting procedure: low pressure sodium lamp emission wavelength is monochromatic light and 589.6nm 589.0nm. The 2 yellow spectral line positions close to the human eye is most sensitive wavelength is 555.0nm green spectral lines, not only has substantial luminous efficiency, and from the eyes on the planet won’t have a color, so see substantial resolution, excellent contrast for in street, overpass, tunnel and intersections high visibility and shade prerequisites. Low pressure sodium lamp also has no glare. The luminescence efficiency is 200lm/W low pressure sodium lamp, electric light source would be the highest light efficiency of the light supply, the existence is lengthy.

Low pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency of higher luminous efficiency, quick light impact. It is actually the luminous flux emitted from a light supply and its electric electrical power ratio, unit is lumens per watt (LM / W), is definitely the evaluation of electric light supply power efficiency the main technical parameters. The flux is refers towards the size of light radiation per unit time, employed to represent the lumen. The better the luminous flux emitted by power source unit, low pressure sodium lamp is by means of low strain sodium vapour discharge luminous electrical light source during the glass shell coated with IR reflecting film is smaller attenuation and luminous efficiency highest electrical light supply. Through the low pressure sodium lamp is monochromatic yellows and destinations for that colour does not demand, however the “fog” performed incredibly well, specially for highway, street visitors, municipal roads, public round, garden lighting, could make men and women plainly see the colour big difference is small.

Low pressure sodium lamp is surely an choice to substantial stress mercury lamp to save electrical energy, a lamp, application is additionally expanding.

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