What’s the distinct fluorescent electronic ballast VS magnetic ballast?

A), Examine with magnetic ballast, higher efficiency and energy conserving: magnetic ballast operating frequency 50Hz, electronic ballast operating frequency for 20~50KHZ, lamp at large frequency luminous efficiency is 10% higher than that on the frequency, and electronic ballasts than magnetic ballast lighting brightness enhance; other electronic ballast for its very low electrical power consumption, this kind of as during the same brightness by electronic ballast magnetic ballast energy-saving than about 20-30%; the inductor ballast maximize indoor temperature rise summertime need to have cooling air conditioner electrical energy isn’t incorporated within the calculation. Hospital common lighting accounts for about 70%, the use of higher functionality electronic ballast can conserve 2 to three months of electrical energy, can slowly recover the cost of light, and minimize the price of property operation.
B), comfort: ballast will generate stroboscopic phenomenon, within this setting, mastering visual fatigue. To the high pace rotating objects easy to produce the illusion, there is a risk of accident. And magnetic ballast issued 50Hz noise, straightforward to produce people today irritable ent pay attention to phonic area while in the utilization of fluorescent lighting, utilization of electronic ballasts, to stop misdiagnosis; ward, waiting hall within the utilization of fluorescent lamps, shouldn’t make use of the magnetic ballast, mostly contemplate the stroboflash and noise will lead to the patient’s discomfort. Utilization of electronic ballasts can eliminate the stroboscopic, eyesight safety, industry revenue of the college students assistance the eye lamp may be the use of electronic ballast outfitted trichromatic lamp layout production. Electronic ballast with high performance and no stroboscopic, no noise, and eye and brain protection, and supporting using trichromatic lamp, great colour, vivid color; higher photosynthetic efficiency; very low light decay; comfort; purification operate, research and residing setting; to improve do the job efficiency, beneficial patient rehabilitation; specially for within the ward, in the examining room lighting demands significantly increased shade areas.
C), security: magnetic ballast as a result of its substantial energy consumption, power consumption into heat, surface temperature rise, specially from the electrical power grid voltage fluctuations, the temperature can attain 120~130 degrees, grow to be a fire hazard, such an accident takes place. In the, the ballast can begin up at 10, and also the voltage is less than -5, and also the grid voltage is much less than 180V, and it truly is not simple to start out. magnetic ballast electrical power component is lower, about 0.4~0.6, the consequence of the substantial quantity of reactive energy increases the lighting circuit and transformer capacity, thereby tremendously escalating the line and transformer losses, but additionally increased the power reduction, lower the lighting quality, even though the electrical power grid operation has significantly enhanced the harmonic recent, so the electrical power grid and also other equipment during the network cause interference and damage. Large efficiency electronic ballast energy issue is better than or equal to 0.97, only about 3% on the non power loss, no energy conserving more than 45%; harmonic material is compact, to ensure that a small input existing waveform distortion, the grid practically no pollution; and lessen the capacity of electrical power supply products. Electronic ballast to wide functioning voltage range, can get the job done normally with safety and in – 10 DEG C ~ 50 DEG C atmosphere, substantial trusted electronic ballast for higher overall performance in the lamp tube has protective result, lamp switch frequency of as much as a million instances, lamp with no apparent nigrescent, additionally to assure to attain the lamp nominal lifestyle outdoors, but also to extend the lifestyle one.3 to one.5 occasions.

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