What is the High intensity Discharge lamp?

High intensity Discharge lamp is from the anti ultraviolet UV – cut crystal quartz glass tube, filled with a variety of chemical fuel. Almost all of our xenon and iodide and also other inert gas, then with the light ballast will be the vehicle 12 volts DC voltage an quick improve to 23000 Volts Existing, via higher stress amplitude excitation free of charge quartz tube xenon electronic, in between the two electrodes to produce light source, this is the so-called gasoline discharge. And generated from the xenon white super electric arc can boost the worth on the colour temperature of light, much like the radiance from the sun, hid the desired quantity of latest only 3.5A, brightness is three times on the common halogen bulb support existence 10 occasions longer than classic halogen bulb. The xenon lamp color temperature and sun light is very similar, but with extra green and blue elements, thus showing a blue and white light. The blue and white image Everbright to enhance the brightness of street signs and indications. HID high brightness halogen lamp efficiency 3 times, has clear effect on enhancing the evening and fog driving sight clarity.

The luminous flux emitted from your xenon lamp is over two instances on the halogen lamps, and electrical vitality conversion efficiency of light vitality can also be compared with the halogen lamp strengthen greater than 70%, so xenon lamp has fairly substantial energy density and light intensity, and working current is only half of your halogen lamps. Auto headlights brightness improvement is also productive to increase the visual variety with the front with the auto, therefore developing a extra safe driving ailments for energy saving 1/2, halogen lamp consumes significantly less than 60W power, xenon lights only 35W electrical power resulting from xenon lamp without the need of filament, so it can not produce a result of filament break and scrapped, the usage of daily life than halogen lamp, xenon lamp lifestyle is equivalent to the regular use cycle in the whole working time. Xenon lamp within the occasion of failure is not going to be extinguished in an instantaneous, but by steadily darken the extinguished, enable the driver to win the time in evening driving, emergency to pull over. Xenon headlights will not develop a surplus of glare, is not going to bring about interference towards the driver’s face. Since of utilizing higher strain xenon xenon lamp is activated to form a beam recent of electric arc discharge, can continuous luminescence between two electrodes.

The power of ordinary car bulb reached 65 kilowatts, while only 35 watt xenon lamp, down almost one times. Xenon lamp can drastically decrease the burden of vehicle energy system. Automobile xenon lamp color temperature in the 4000K – 6000K, substantially higher than ordinary car or truck headlamp bulb. The higher brightness xenon lamp, light shade is white, on account of increased shade temperature, the visual effect is near to blue. Because of its large temperature, solid penetration, can strengthen targeted visitors safety during the night.

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