What exactly is the most cost-effective home lighting?

When persons visit the supermarket to buy a light bulb, the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, ultimately what type of lamp lighting effect is excellent?

Experiment: incandescent lamp

I bought 3 of the common lamps out there to carry out a contrast experiment. These three lamps are incandescent, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps, the value from three yuan to 49.8 yuan range. The incandescent lamp energy rating of forty Watt, energy-saving lamp nominal power for eight W, its nominal equivalent to forty watt incandescent lamp brightness, as well as rated energy of your LED lamp for five watts, the nominal brightness is quite on the 40 watt incandescent lamp within a dark room, the the three lamp are respectively connected on the base of 220 volts, latest meter to measure present, with all the actual electrical power in the measurement of light through the check current and quickly obtained the actual electrical power of your 3 lights. Incandescent lamp latest of about forty, the measured energy of about 0.18 watts; energy conserving lamp latest is about 0.035, the measured power of about seven.7 watts; LED lamp is about 0.021, the measured electrical power of about 4.six watts. From these data, the incandescent lamp measured energy will be the highest, but additionally quite possibly the most energy LED lights

So, the actual lighting in the 3 sorts of lights and the way? Experiments demonstrate that while the nominal energy of the LED lamp is only five watts, its brightness may be the highest. Incandescent lamp brightness is slightly lower, the distribution of yellow light looks quite bright, however the feeling is comparatively soft. Energy-saving lamp tube shape to shape, the light-emitting location bigger, however the color is white, look a little bit harsh conclusion: LED lamp value highest.

Single from the price perspective, to acquire a LED lamp is equivalent on the acquire of sixteen incandescent; to get a energy-saving lamps, it really is equivalent towards the price tag of 9 incandescent lamps. Buy LED lights are obviously not as great as energy-saving lamps and incandescent light. But the electrical power consumption and also the lamp’s services daily life together with other things, the LED lamp lighting for 15000 hours, equivalent to 15 incandescent or 3 energy-saving lamps and. During the energy consumption and incandescent lamps require to eat 600 kwh of electrical power, energy-saving lamps to 115.five degrees, and LED lights is only 69 degrees calculated in accordance to 0.48 yuan per kWh of electrical energy, with 15000 hours, the incandescent lamp is utilised to produce electrical power for 333 yuan, energy-saving lamps for $139.44, and LED lights only for $82.92. If long-term use, or LED light bulbs essentially the most cost-effective, along with the most effective lighting result.

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