Tips on how to stop fire accident?

(1), The teachers and students inside the school need to very first consciously abide by the fire control laws and regulations and also the school of fire safety management method, improve the awareness of fire security, unauthorized access temporary wires. Short-term energy lines can quickly bring about overload on the power provide line:

(2) Don’t applying electric furnace within the dormitory and also other public areas, electric heating gear, the electric energy on the electric gear is comparatively big, easily lead to energy provide line overload, triggering a fire;

(three) Don’t use alcohol stove gas stove, cooker within the dormitory along with other public locations. Since the location with the dormitory is small, combustible goods are extra, a little bit carelessness will cause a fire;

(4) Never read within the dormitory wax. The dormitory time is late, including wax candle ignited quickly tired asleep study a book, mosquito nets and other combustibles, causing a fire;

(five)Never smoke in bed, cigarette butts, matches. Men and women lying in bed is extremely simple to fall asleep, didn’t place out the cigarette or match off the bedding and also other combustible material, quick to trigger a fire;

(six)Don’t debris burning. When a fire or loss of control more than the debris, easy to result in fire;

(7) Don’t close towards the combustible material. The lamp socket lit the lamp heating time is as well extended, close to combustible, prone to fire;

(8)Turn the power off When People today leave the room, unplug the energy plug, to ensure that the electrical energy to cut off absolutely.

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