The usage of high-pressure sodium lamp

Sodium vapour yellow light can by means of fog, high pressure sodium lamp with sodium manufacturing extensively utilized in street lighting. As it does not cut down the level of heat and may lessen vitality consumption, so there’s a trend to replace the high-pressure mercury lamp. As a result of high pressure sodium lamps from long range, as a result of fog and sturdy illumination, on the street plane numerous times larger than the high pressure mercury lamp.

The lamp may also be employed for washing the photo darkroom, simply because this will not make the paper light metal sodium fluorescence objective in market that is mainly utilised for: sodamide system of sodium cyanide; using sodium solid reducibility, potassium replacement metal potassium chloride reduction; four titanium sponge titanium, also can be produced of uncommon metal tantalum and niobium conveniently; the formation of alloy properties working with sodium, preparation of tetraethyl lead lead sodium alloy production, boost the octane value of gasoline antiknock capacity, maximize; planning of potassium sodium alloy helps make use of sodium coolant; simple oxidation properties, manufacturing of sodium peroxide like a bleaching industrial bleaching agent, can’t be created into sodium superoxide as artificial oxygen manufacturing; sodium borohydride as rust agent of zinc iron metallurgical sector; with the metallic sodium and ammonia reaction of sodium amide as intermediates of dyestuff field for chosen Indigo powder; production of sodium borohydride, formic acid, triethyl orthoformate acetic ester and other pharmaceutical intermediates; higher purity sodium could be employed as heat carrier for nuclear reactor.

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