The best way to decide on LED light tube

a), appear on the packaging and labeling
The nationwide compulsory LED lighting suppliers are marked out while in the bundle: rated voltage variety, rated electrical power, rated frequency. In general, high high-quality printing
items are of good high-quality, clear handwriting, not effortless to fall off, wipe by using a soft damp cloth mark obviously discernible, producers of the trademark and associated
certification brand.
b), search with the visual appeal with the LED tube
True LED fluorescent lamp. From the lamp viewpoint, the shape and size in the lamp is far better and much more constant, solution consistency is superior, quality assurance
easier. Obviously, the appearance can’t have cracks, the loose interface in between the. LED light tube need to opt for the type of engineering plastic Pc shell of plastic
flame retardant. The plastic deformation of ordinary and flammable, aluminum must be brilliant, aluminum.
c), working temperature
LED fluorescent lamp at regular operation, the temperature should be minimal. Otherwise, the LED lamp life is quite brief. With the very same time, energy-saving lamps once the
rapid flashing or very harsh fluctuations, energy-saving lamps demonstrate that there is a top quality dilemma. Immediately after several minutes, the power needs to be temperature, evidence of
very good heat, with all the aluminum substrate cooling. There’s no temperature, is glass fiber board, heat not come out.
d), watching the starting up effectiveness
LED the commence of the fluorescent lamp has a attribute: the energy is vibrant, won’t flash.
e), fat, every single excess weight, lighter fat than great, hefty with superior materials.

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