Simply how much LED street lamp saving a yr?

James 100W LED street lamp, such as, a yr ago invest in price of LED street lamp for 2500 – 3000 yuan, at present street selling price dropped to 1500 yuan – 1800 yuan, the return time period of 800 – 1200 yuan large strain sodium lamp substitute reduced to 2 – 3 many years. The LED street lamp power conserving 9, daily life expectancy of 50% years, the lamp isn’t demanded to replace the lamp. New lamps using led the selling price continues to be extremely clear science and Technologies Division of Guangdong Province, according to data through the past two many years led demonstration undertaking, economic and energy conserving result of the LED street light renovation project calculates the calculated in accordance together with the 200 million LED lights, the transformation in the former, every street lamp electricity costs reached twenty billion yuan, yearly lamp substitute fee of as much as five billion yuan, this year the total price reached 25 billion yuan.

Following the transformation, the yearly saving the complete price of 15 billion yuan, such as conserving 50% from the electricity and 5 billion yuan of lamp replacement fees a total investment of 200 million LED lights transform for 48.9 billion yuan, the complete cost in the loan rate of interest plus a complete of 61 million yuan. From the LED street lamp 9 years of lifestyle, a total saving 135 billion yuan, local finance obtained the proceeds of energy-saving is 74 billion yuan in electrical energy cost savings of 108 million kilowatts when, equivalent to 379 million plenty of typical coal saving, cut down seven million plenty of sulfur dioxide emissions, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 268 million tons, lowering soot emissions 7 million tons, “thus, from your imposition of tariffs with urban public utilities added income in accordance to your proportion of extraction energy efficiency, can pay out led the transformation of the investment, and will produce evident economic advantage and power conserving and emission reduction.” Li Xinghua, director of science and Engineering Department of Guangdong province.

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