Governments aim to loosen energy saving rules for CFL’s

The office claims the proposal would greater align China’s light-bulb procedures with these of the United states of America. An incandescent bulb is a lot less effective than compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, which happen to be remarkably favored by new energy-efficiency guidelines that begin to kick in future calendar year. Regular incandescent bulbs are […]

How to buy the E27 Ceramic lampholders with wires?

E27 Ceramic lampholders with pigtail. CE and RoHS listed. Works with all regualr standard house hold bulbs . All E26/E27 bulbs. Rated up to 500 watts, 250VAC, 2 amps. AWG 20 gage stranded wires. Perfect for hardwiring lighting almost anywhere. The UL rating ensures quality and gives peace of mind. Waterproof porcelain socket with wire […]

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