Outside lighting fixtures classification

High-pole lamp: normally refers to a fresh sort of lighting device a lot more than 15 meters of steel column variety lamp and high energy combined lamp bracket. It can be composed of a lamp holder, lamp, electrical rod and basic parts. Decorative lamp can according to user requirements, the surrounding setting, lighting have to have precise and definite; the lamps and lanterns far more by floodlights and cast light around the composition, as well as light source applying NG400 high-pressure sodium lamp, lighting radius of up to 60 meters. Rod body usually cylindrical sort single entire body construction, steel plate rolled, height of 25 – 40 meters to 25 meters of steel column kind lamp and substantial energy combined lamp frame a fresh lighting device. It’s composed of the ceramic lamp holder, lamp, electrical rod and essential components.

According to consumer prerequisites, the surrounding atmosphere, lighting have to have distinct and definite; the lamps and lanterns more by floodlights and cast light to the composition, supply generally adopts the high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp form. , lighting radius of 60 meters. The construction in the rod entire body is cylindrical,Steel plate rolled, the height of 15 – 40 meters: wall lamp wall headlights look lovely, basic and wonderful lines. Several different designs, numerous varieties, typically placed during the District, parks, or stigma, really appreciated. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, lower electrical power consumption. Light supply is generally energy-saving lamps. Material frequently for stainless steel, aluminum, iron products. Lamp entire body surface electrostatic spraying. The light physique is generally welded with flat iron. Lamp entire body just after electrostatic spraying, the surface is vibrant, vibrant colors, uniform brightness, features a powerful anti-corrosion effectiveness necessities. When installing commonly have 4 screws fixation and also have sufficient intensity it fixed wall lamp, wall lamp is indoor decorating lamp, wall lamp form and fashion is extra, standard outfitted with many milky white glass shade. Indoor use, due to the various varieties, so use unique cast light lamps for being specified illuminance illuminated surface is greater than that from the ambient light. Often known as the spotlight.

Generally, it can be in a position to aim at any direction, and has the construction that is not affected by climate disorders. Largely made use of for significant region of your work of mine, making contour, stadium, overpass, monument, park and flower beds, etc.. Consequently, just about all outside use of substantial location lighting lamps is usually noticed as cast light. Cast light on the beam angle that has a narrow width, selection amongst 0 DEG to 180 DEG, which incredibly narrow beam for exploration in accordance for the underwater lamp, mostly utilized for below water lamp entire body, good waterproof functionality, only the usage of minimal voltage latest. Fountain by using a mixed utilization of James lighting is connected to the renowned landscape lamp makers, as companies of street lighting companies in technology in the home, landscape lamp, backyard lamp along with other lamps has 10 years of engineering specifications, if you haven’t heard of for any long time the city lighting, you may search to look for a long time the city lighting, hope can help you choose a landscape lamp.

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