How to repair 36W fluorescent lamp ballast

Commence repairing 2 broken electronic ballast. When the first ballast is opened, it is actually uncovered the R3, R5, are already ablation, the meter measuring Q1, Q2 has become damaged, after which measuring the capacitance from the C5 continues to be broken down. From the every day collection of components to identify parameters comparable to your resistance, capacitance and the new 13003 to buy collectively, the outcomes plug on energy, did not think of matters occurred. Is plugged in, the fluorescent lamp get started duration of about 10 seconds, the second is when the fluorescent lamp lighting and flashing, followed by “squeak.” a sound circuit board emerging smoke, R3 and R5 also ignite a smaller fire, speedily lower off the power provide, within the heart with the Dungan failed! As a consequence of the burning on the elements is a lot more, is not really good judgment is wherever the fault caused from the dilemma, chose to re replacement in the broken components, but this really is to get chosen in line with all the parameters for that parts.

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