How does the high pressure sodium bulb work?

The high-pressure sodium lamp emit a golden white light, with luminous efficiency, significantly less energy consumption, prolonged support life, by fog and luring and so forth. advantages. Widely used in road, highway, airport, dock, dock, station, square, street intersection, industrial and mining enterprises, parks, garden lighting and plant cultivation. Large colour high-pressure sodium lamp is mostly used in gymnasium, exhibition hall, amusement parks, department outlets and hotels along with other areas lighting. High pressure sodium lamp discharge material vapor stress is quite substantial, namely large atomic density of sodium, sodium atoms and electron collision among the number of regular, the resonance radiation broadening of spectral lines and also other visible spectrum of radiation, so the high-pressure sodium lamp light color is better than that of lower stress sodium lamp. High pressure sodium lamp is really a type of substantial intensity fuel discharge lamp. As a result of the damaging resistance characteristics of gasoline discharge lamps, if your lighting alone acquired the power grid, the doing work state is unstable, using the discharge course of action continues, it will eventually lead to the circuit latest rises indefinitely, until finally the last light or circuit components and elements is flow burned V-I characteristics.

High pressure sodium lamp and various gas discharge bulb, get the job done is arc discharge state, V-I characteristic curve on the detrimental slope, i.e. lighting existing rise, and the voltage applied to a bulb dropped. Under the issue of constant power, to be able to make sure the steady perform of lighting, the circuit must be in series with good resistance traits on the circuit elements to stability the detrimental resistance characteristics and steady doing work existing and the factors acknowledged as ballast or limit flow for. Resistors, capacitors, inductors, and so forth., are ready to be constrained to movement. Resistive ballast has the benefits of smaller size, price affordable, and high pressure sodium lamp supporting use will arise is difficult to begin, function resistance creates a substantial heat, have more substantial area for heat dissipation and consumption power is extremely large, it can make the circuit lighting efficiency decreased. It can be typically used in the DC circuit, the use of a hundred AC circuit from the light from the phenomenon of obvious.

Magnetic ballast although not as resistive ballast its consumption electrical power, temperature rise is minimal, inside the reduced frequency power provide, charging the capacitor, pulse peak latest, trigger terrific harm to your electrode, lights flashing, impact the service lifestyle of your lamp bulb; do the job in large frequency circuit, voltage fluctuation can attain the best state, come to be an ideal ballast. Inductance ballast reduction is smaller, steady impedance, the impedance bacteria primality tiny deviation, long service daily life, secure lighting than resistive ballast fantastic, present and high pressure sodium lamp supporting utilization of ballast are inductive ballast. Its drawbacks are increased than benzene and high charges. In addition, electronic ballast has begun to seem, at existing the cost highly-priced, dependability is just not along with the high-voltage sodium lamp is matched, except for unique occasions, under typical conditions are seldom employed. Thus, high pressure sodium lamp and lamp ballast series will have to be corresponding specifications before use. High pressure sodium lamp lighting circuit is actually a nonlinear circuit, power factor is very low, so within the network look at a compensation capacitor is linked, so that you can increase the energy component with the network. Arc tube operation, high temperature and higher strain sodium vapor corrosion is particularly strong,enerally sodium resistant glass and quartz glass are certainly not competent for. As well as the translucent polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube arc tube body ideal. It not only has good resistance to higher temperature and corrosion conduct of sodium vapor and antibiotics, superior noticeable light as a result of the potential. Furthermore, single crystal alumina ceramic tube about the effectiveness of higher temperature resistance, antibiotics sodium vapor corrosion and transmittance have been are superior to individuals of polycrystalline palpation with the alumina ceramic tube; because the selling price is high priced, so you can find rarely used. An arc tube is definitely the electrode, polycrystalline palpable aluminum ceramic this, cap, solder ring assembly together, including sodium amalgam into sealing furnace sealing; in the similar time full of a compact sum of xenon, as a way to improve the startup traits of the lighting.

Electrodes with high pure tungsten wire is coiled into a spiral form, from the screw hole is inserted in to the core rod, impregnation electron powder, then from the electrode core rod plus the niobium tube closed ends are welded right into a entire. The polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube (HAT) is made of polycrystalline alumina ceramic powder by mixing powder, fountain spray drying, and so forth.. High pressure sodium lamp light, electrical parameters and arc tube diameter and arc length (distance amongst the two electrodes) are closely linked,the porcelain lamp holder model is: E27 socket, E40 lamp holder.

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