Customers inside the acquire of energy-saving lamps, the want to pay interest to the following elements:

1, item packaging really should be comprehensive,

2, item with energy efficiency labeling.

Energy-saving lamps energy efficiency rating is divided into three levels, of which the highest level of 1 energy efficiency. The larger the energy efficiency rating, the improved the energy saving effect on the lamp. Energy efficiency logo printed or pasted around the energy saving lamps, the apparent element of your 3, the choice of energy-saving lamps, energy and luminous color

Power – energy (P) the size on the size with the lamp energy consumption. As outlined by the illumination requirement, pick the right energy saving lamp power. Inside the case from the identical lighting impact, energy-saving lamp energy is about 1/6 of incandescent lamp. If you need to have the identical lighting effect with 60W incandescent lamp, the basic selection of 10W energy-saving lamps. A handful of square meters inside the small location room lighting 9W-13W appropriate, greater than 10 meters of space lighting might be chosen 32W-36W straight energy-saving lamp luminous colour, mostly as outlined by the use of the environment and individual preferences. Inside the bedroom, restaurants and also other places somewhat warm can purchase marked “RN” or “Rd” warm colors of energy-saving lamps, in the living area, kitchen and other places marked “RR” or “RZ” cold colors of energy-saving lamps, and warm colors of energy-saving lamps the luminous efficiency and color rendering index are larger than cool colors of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps look selection.

A appear at whether the loosening of the lamp socket, a lamp tube, lamp fluorescent powder coating is uniform devoid of missing coat, off powder, fluorescent powder needs to be crystal white, no yellow or gray hair phenomenon two electrified light tube, lamp light is standard uniform, lamp needs to be no obvious spots, along with a luminous body is flicker absolutely free five, because of the self ballasted fluorescent lamps having a ballast circuit. Therefore, it truly is necessary to regularly switch lamp source spot, it really is finest not to use and dimming the lamp or other dimming of your lamps and lanterns are commonly not applied energy-saving lamps.

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