Application of LED surface light source

Refers for the light emitting mode, relative to your LED point light supply and ordinary light supply, the existing light source this kind of as flat light supply, LED light source features a soft, to not harm the eyes, power, light, natural and also other characteristics, is an critical direction within the advancement of light source goods. You’ll find some obvious limitations within the current LED light supply, but in order to business enterprise needs and deliberately ignored these concerns, summarized as follows:

A), regular LED light source can be a laser items, so the higher the energy, the far more dazzling, not ideal for use in young children, but led surface light supply didn’t this challenge.

B), the traditional LED high power light supply heat dissipation is small, which is, using a big number of heat sink can not promptly export heat, so the light decay rapidly.

C), the common led by lens, that is certainly, to improve the price and make the light angle gets smaller sized and even more light bead lamp will light as well as the phenomenon of uneven.

D), the conventional LED lamps and lanterns are more than one particular lamp, the solder joints are quite a few, the faults are a lot more, the surface light supply is significantly less, along with the installation is easy.

LED surface light supply with the present stage in early use, appropriate for higher bay lighting,floodlights fixture,ceiling lamp, downlight, miner’s lamp, fluorescent lamp, bulb lights, and so on all sorts of lamps and lanterns. So we will make the surface light supply right into a circle, circular ring, square, rectangular, triangular, etc.. The strip might be straight assembled in to the fridge, cabinet, bedside lamp, mirror lamp, anchor without incorporating fins.

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