what’s the trouble with street lamp?

Typically,the street lamp light supply of high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp. restart time is usually three ~ 15min,In lighting prolonged ignition process resulting from mutations within the grid voltage, lamp aging and servicing excellent and also other causes, will appear the blinking phenomenon. The trigger is often divided into two categories: periodic and non periodic.

a) right after long-term utilization of lighting, doing work voltage will rise steadily, when the upper voltage exceeds the allowable value of, for instance when the substantial sodium lamp operating voltage reached about 145V, at a provide voltage of regular no fluctuation vogue can continue to keep the lights on. Should the energy supply voltage fluctuations somewhat decrease, the light bulb will soon go out. When the provide voltage is restored to usual and lighting is cooled to a certain degree, the tube metal vapor strain drop, right after the condensation of the metal gasoline, are going to be renewed moving lights, leading to a non periodic blinking.

b) is about to end of existence (EOL) lamp aging, self triggering lighting just after the voltage rise progressively to 170V, whilst no typical power supply voltage fluctuations, lighting will soon went from itself. The light bulb cooling to a specific extent once again light, and slowly maximize the operating voltage , repeat the above method. Lighting from the set off lights to self extinguishing, cooling to trigger, each cycle time is in essence exactly the same, right up until the lighting will finish of daily life. So go round and begin once again extinction and reignition that bulb will die. On the similar time also brought on periodic blinking bulb.

c) when the repair high quality will not be high, the line inside the individual virtual connection phenomenon, once the virtual true time, brought on by blinking bulb. The abnormal phenomenon of your light source of the street lamp can ruin the luminance uniformity of road illumination, which brings good inconvenience to pedestrians and cars. Fix abnormal supply: utilizing a distinctive transformer, to ensure the voltage high-quality, observe the inspection, observed for being timely replacement of end of life (EOL) lighting; to strengthen the high-quality of servicing, installation is company and reputable put an finish for the phenomenon of virtual connection.

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