What is the trend of energy saving lamp?

I believe energy saving lamp will replace incandescent bulbs in near 3 many years,Normal lighting with self – ballast fluorescent lamps is really a substantial place of energy-saving lighting items, typically generally known as electronic energy-saving lamps or energy-saving lamp. Energy-saving lamps commonly from the lamp holder, plastic shell and inner electronic ballasts, fluorescent tubes, which can be hassle-free for use, as well as ratio of incandescent lighting luminous efficiency of five ~ 10 times greater, the common lifestyle expectancy of greater than six times.
A), lamp holder dimension. The lamp holders in nationwide typical for screw cap or bayonet lamp. Cap quality relates to energy-saving lamps of interchangeability and protection towards electrical shock as well as other safety specifications, cap the size of unqualified conveniently cause broke off in the lamp holder, lamp and electrical shock risk
B), Mechanical strength. Mechanical power is really a measure with the lamp holder as well as lamp physique with sturdy degree of index, standard lamp need to be and the lamp body is firmly linked needs to be in a position to withstand a particular torque. Should the lamp holder, a lamp shell concerning the connection strength is also low, consumers can install or substitute the lamp when screwed in or from the torque is most likely to lead to in the lamp holder and the lamp shell, ranging from the affect of light use, induced hefty internal wire breakage and brief circuit
C), Energy. The standard prerequisites for your actual consumption of power and rated electrical power difference shall not exceed 15%, this indicator is an critical basis for consumers from the preference of light. When the lamp’s real consumption electrical power and the nominal electrical power big difference is also far, the quantity of light might be drastically diminished, which can be considered one of the primary performance of fake and shoddy solutions
D), initial luminous efficiency and luminous flux. First luminous efficiency is definitely the luminous flux and also the real electrical power consumption ratio, it truly is an important indicator of no matter whether an objective evaluation of energy-saving lamp power conservation, self ballasted fluorescent lamp power efficiency rating is divided into three levels, energy efficiency grade one, the highest grade three minimal efficiency. The initial light effect and the speedy light economic downturn are also the primary characteristics and signifies of fake and inferior items.
E), daily life time. The common existence expectancy of your typical requirements for energy saving lamps shall not be significantly less than 6000h. Prolonged service lifestyle is an essential advantage with the use of energy-saving lamps, the present part in the production enterprises on account of circuit style is unreasonable, the use of bad high quality lamps or electronic components, leading to the common service life of your lamp is far significantly less than 6000h, plus the consistency is very poor, giving individuals a sense of energy conserving
F), harmonic latest. Harmonic existing should be as tiny as you can. Due to the dimension and value of energy-saving lamps and other factors, nearly all energy-saving lamps are made from very low electrical power factor, harmonic latest.

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