Ways to modify the fluorescent light ballast?

One particular day, in the home the fluorescent light fixture is lousy, my wife urged. I went towards the industry to purchase a daylight lamp, modified,but nonetheless not vivid, change on the shade beneath test, observed that electronic ballast is broken, the ballast invested two many years.

I open the ballast to analyze circuit,and located that I understand electronic expertise is as well lower, for electronic ballast circuit this uncomplicated but don’t quite recognize, visible anyone know information is also narrow, really is will need under no circumstances as well previous to learn, modest, continuous learning can not be left behind while in the era of science and engineering, so I chose to to study, and create them down and share with every person.

The typical progress of fluorescent starter inside the circuit is equivalent to a switch capacitor in an effort to reduce the power of your electromagnetic interference and the formation of oscillation circuit, raise startup once the pulse voltage, the day light entry circuit, a glow starting up device two electrode voltage discharge to generate glow, the bimetallic strip is heated and curved as well as static speak to, and power source, ballast, lamp filament and glow starting device to kind a loop, and also the latest of the filament glows when conducting two, three seconds, double metal cooling fins plus a static speak to, disconnected, the circuit existing out of the blue disappeared.

So the ballast to produce a large voltage pulse, it using the energy provide voltage is superimposed, extra to the two ends of your lamp tube, the fuel within the lamp tube under the action of high temperature and high pressure ionization and conduction, fuel conduction, issued ultraviolet irradiation on the fluorescence powder, soft light. magnetic coil ballast recent changes and coil within the magnetic flux adjustments, the induced electromotive force, the path and the recent during the opposite route, so the principle of inductance ballast and stable operating existing of electronic ballast is in connection with the circuit moments, on both ends in the lamp tube produces a large voltage pulse, the lamp from the inert gasoline ionization caused by arc discharge.

1) Electronic ballast during the price, volume, weight, efficiency, power saving is improved than the inductive ballast, but existence is not as inductive ballast;
two) 40W ballasts can not get started 20W fluorescent lamp, and 20W ballast can start out 40W fluorescent lamp, but not to get a extended time for you to use fluorescent lamp starter mounted within the compact capacitor and leap bulb plus a branch.

The capacitor is linked in parallel, along with the capacitance is among 0.005 f ~ 0.01 f. A single of its perform will be to reduce the interference of close by radio gear; the second is because of the oscillating circuit formed through the capacitor magnetic ballast and delay the cathode preheating time and pulse potential, have for that lamp to begin. There are two electrodes during the bubble, the electrode of a U shaped double metal electrode is movable, plus the other electrode is static speak to. Employing their automated switching function along with the operating characteristics in the inductive ballast, the lamp cathode is ignited just after the discharge is ignited. Excellent demands, environmental temperature at 20 DEG C of 4 seconds internal take-off, applying daily life of not significantly less than 5000 electronic ballast devoid of starter, from the energy-saving lamps, the present selling price than fluorescent ballast low-priced note: in case the two ends from the filament with the lamp light and fluorescent lamps could not be lit, for inductive ballast fluorescent lamp, principal explanation is starter is usually a parallel capacitor short-circuit, is usually removed just after the consider may also double sheet metal ineffective; for electronic ballast of fluorescent lamp. The reason is that series in the filament loop resonant capacitor brief circuit. If the two ends in the filament is brilliant and also the frequency of the device moves usually, the lamp can not be ignited, then it could be the lamp aging, you’ll be able to see the filament is vibrant red, the tube ends burn to black.

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