The best way to check the ballast is negative in fluorescent lighting

If there’s a flickering or buzzing sound coming from your fluorescent light fixture, you could have difficulties. The within of the fluorescent tube includes a part termed a ballast. The ballast is an electrical connection that holds the fluorescent bulb in place and supplies the electrical energy which makes the chemical compounds inside the bulb ignite. The ballast also regulates the movement of electrical power appropriately in order that there is no flickering. Test your ballast if there exists humming, flickering or even the light does not turn on.
A)Turn off power towards the fluorescent light fixture by unplugging it or shutting off its fuse. Let the fluorescent light to rest to get a although ahead of functioning on it to permit any remaining electrical power to discharge.

B)Twist the fluorescent bulb so that it releases in the light fixture. Examine the fluorescent bulb for black marks or loose elements that indicate the bulb itself is faulty.
three.Unscrew the protective cover through the finish in the ballast and examine the exposed end for indications of oil. Oil leaks indicate that the seal within the ballast is broken and that this component has to be replaced.

C)Turn the voltmeter to the Ohms setting and touch one particular probe to your white wire and also the other probe to among the coloured wires. You must get a reading of the brief or possibly a steady circuit. The ballast is damaged and needs to be replaced if there is absolutely no brief or continuity.

D)Exchange the broken or faulty ballast which has a new unit, twist the fluorescent bulb back into the light fixture and flip the electrical power back on. If your light fixture even now hums, flickers or does not operate effectively, you could really need to change the bulb, as well

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