Seven ideas for street light application

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp application in matters towards the interest of the mercury and sodium is diverse discharge material, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the particular overall performance. Road light source notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs have to be employed using the same specs of your light ballast, otherwise the bulb is not going to be able to start out or shorten the existence span.
B, while in the utilization of the light bulb to go out, when the electrical power provide voltage fluctuations usually are not significant, ballast injury to other elements of the standard, re begin pilot, if it is actually still burning, the bulb can’t continue to work with, ought to be replaced by a brand new light bulb.
C, power provide voltage must be somewhat stable, transient alterations shouldn’t be as well massive. If your power supply voltage suddenly drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp electrical power shortage as a result of exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. Once the voltage is as well large, it’ll shorten the services lifestyle on the lamp.
D, the lamp is often lit at any position, having said that, the amount of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output are going to be lowered by 7%, as well as the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.
E, the inner room can not be as well modest, should really have superior heat dissipation conditions, so as to influence the lamp existence. High pressure sodium lamp is not easy to use single parabolic and reflection style lamp, the lamp will most of the light reflection for the lamp tube, lamp voltage rise, improve the lamp energy, shorten the lamp existence.
F, high pressure mercury lamp outdoors broken should be handled in time, the substitute in the new worldwide, so lots of ultraviolet radiation burns and eye skin.
G, restart time. While in the application of high pressure mercury lamp rapidly ignited, can be put in to ensure that the electronic ignitor, instantaneous begin.

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