How you can acquire the low-priced led lights?

From October 2015,China began to ban 100W incandescent lamp, led light bulb and energy-saving lamp industry might be well well worth searching forward to. But at this stage, the selling price of LED lamp is large, in order that the basic client prohibitive.

James Lighting Technological innovation Co. organization launched the international LED Lighting Factory “supermarket” is committed to breaking the LED cost of ice, creating people’s use of the LED lamp in accordance for the comprehending, “the factory supermarket” is based mostly on automation, large-scale, standardized production strictly, its material quantized bidding and paying for, procurement expense low, so that you can reduce cost; to conserve labor to enhance the efficiency of robot automation; production and application of vertical integration, thereby lowering the price, maximize the competitiveness, when staying away from the production of chips and other higher chance manufacturing, centralized procurement and saving for human advantage, improve market place competitiveness, business norms and high quality specifications of uneven situation can be predicted, “the factory supermarket” is expected to substantially cut down the marketplace cost of LED lamp, in accordance on the lighting efficiency, 3W LED bulb can efficiently substitute the 5W energy-saving lamp. Outrace production 3wled ball bubble lamp lower eight.5 yuan /, 5W energy-saving lamp on the market price tag of 12 yuan / only, compared to the industry tens of dollars and even 100 yuan of LED lamps and lanterns, using the absolute price tag benefit, higher performance to cost ratio will bring about alterations during the LED marketplace, LED lights fly into final home even so, to LED lighting,

The cost of ice is by no signifies effortless to break, lower degree of automation, excellent price and so it is challenging to give handle could be the most really serious bottlenecks to production of LED lamps. For example, common LED lamp assembly course of action, want to manually install plastic lamp holder, board mounted energy supply, hung sideline and so on. a total of just about twenty word system, all by guide work and invest more time, critically limited the LED lamp manufacturing capacity improvement for far better implementation in the automated, Austrian, paying substantial sums to develop the world’s only totally automated manufacturing line, it mixed with all the top core engineering of electronic measurement, precision machinery manufacturing, optical examination and measurement, mechanical intelligent control and machine vision, lamps and lanterns fittings, automatic feeding, lamp holder is assembled automatically, energy line automatic welding, shell automatically gelatinize and set up, completely subvert the LED lamp manual manufacturing mode. In accordance to statistics, manual LED lights a one.5K/H manufacturing line, need to invest 225 artificial; and outrace the introduction on the design of lamps and lanterns one.5k of automation production line, the realization with the automatic assembly of lamps and lanterns, aging, testing, packaging along with other, only should be invested in ten artificial can reach to your one.5K/H, full load operation of your month-to-month maximum manufacturing of 100 million bulbs.

Automation technology considerably improves the production efficiency, reduce the expense of a large quantity of human, and to guarantee the productive of lamps and lanterns of LED completed products good quality according to the latest news, to the growth of manufacturing capability, outrace in 2012 in Guangdong large protection investment of 22 billion yuan to set up outrace James Lighting Technologies Co., Ltd., the Skilled business with LED light emitting diode series merchandise and physical networking application of series of goods R & D, manufacturing, application solution and set up integration mainly. Project covers an area of 1000 acres, is divided into three stages of construction, construction period of each 12 months, a period of 300 acres of land planning, mainly in indoor and outdoor LED lighting, plans to put into operation fluorescent tube automated manufacturing line and the LED lamp automated manufacturing line with the 20, the annual manufacturing capability could be reached eight 0000000 fluorescent tube, 2 million bulbs; 300 acres of land to the second phase of your plan, mainly from the principal lights; three phase on the project land 400 mu, mainly to network applications. Currently in built 50 million square meters of workshop, built the world’s largest manufacturing base outrace LED lights to produce the worldwide LED Lighting Factory supermarket, is going to be in OEM mode services during the international LED lamp manufacturing enterprises, to outrace outstanding solutions help enterprises to create its own brand at the same time, is committed to LED lighting to boost the good quality and the rate is lowered, so as to promote the popularization and promotion of LED lamps and lanterns.

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