How to use ultraviolet light?

There are 3 tips as under:

a).Short wavelength ultraviolet light radiation may possibly influence health, except if the skilled safety capacity and operation degree, ordinary customers should not be used because the ultraviolet lamp for family use, to the residing surroundings for disinfection, not for lighting

b).shoppers can choose various means of safety disinfection sterilization approach, will not feel in the part from the universal disinfection of short wave ultraviolet light. The sterilization function of ultraviolet light could be influenced by a lot of variables, which include exposure time, distance, dust or particle and light intensity. Short wave ultraviolet ray cannot penetrate the material, many of the plastic and ordinary glass will probably be absorbed

c). during the have to have to use ultraviolet light disinfection operation personnel should wear protective gear, this kind of as the use of multifunctional protective glasses to safeguard the eyes, tend not to be directly irradiated; in the similar time should also stay away from skin get in touch with with ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet disinfection in public locations, irrelevant personnel ought to avoid, in particular, to avoid the elderly and small children strayed in to the ultraviolet lamp area get in touch with to the UV lamp manufacturing enterprises:

For customer health warnings, during the use of special sections of the specification, referred to as for the sale of such products to customers in the market for this kind of products, the establishment of the specific counter, in order to protect the buyer marketplace, to additional strengthen law enforcement, to further strengthen law enforcement, to perform distinctive rectification, to perform special rectification, to create shopper safety, to create client protection, clean up the industry, and also to develop a exclusive sector. The use of safety troubles, during the “SARS” epidemic just after nearly all consumers of health and health and fitness awareness on the same time, but also to enhance the vigilance, in order to avoid the usage of improper and safety awareness is not strong and induce the occurrence of malignant personal events.

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