How does the metal halide lamp get the job done?

Metal halide lamps are concerned together with the higher luminous efficiency, compact dimension and wide. the lamp holder is inexpensive.This paper tries to introduce a quick introduction to the metal halide lamp.

Metal halide lamps are full of a smaller quantity of metal halide and gas, from your trigger to the usual light need to be more than a minute, approximately divided into three phases:

one, set off phase. Metal halide lamp without having filament, only two electrodes, directly coupled with all the working voltage cannot be ignited, it truly is necessary to include high stress to generate the light gasoline ionization. Large voltage is generated by a exclusive trigger

2 ,ignition phase. The bulb is triggered, discharge voltage further heating electrodes, a glow discharge, and build situations for the arc discharge

three, typical light emitting stage. Under the glow discharge, electrode temperature is a lot more and much more substantial, the electron quantity emitted extra and even more, fast transition to your arc discharge. Using the boost in temperature and light emitting a lot more and more tonic to usual, the entire procedure needs far more than a minute, if start off current, power great commencing performance, this process may be the luminescence mechanism of your shorter metal halide lamp.

Metal halide lamp largely depends on the metal halide as luminescent materials, metal halide inside the strong kind of light within. Therefore, a smaller quantity of hydrogen ignited fuel or xenon lamp must be filled, to ensure light bulb. After the lamp is lit, the first get the job done in the state of low strain arc discharge lamp, bipolar voltage is quite minimal at this time, about 18 ~ 20V, the light output is tiny, then the principle manufacturing of heat, to ensure the entire entire body heating lamp, metal halide lamp is introduced with the raise of temperature to evaporate, a metal halide vapor, the heat convection effect, proceed to movement the arc center, part of your metal halide arc was 5500 ~ 6000K higher temperature decomposition, a metal atom and the halogen atom, under the action of the electrical field, the metal atoms are fired up; another aspect is arc metal halide higher temperature decomposition, large temperature and electrical discipline in the dual part, immediately stimulate the formation of molecular luminescence due to numerous metal halide diverse evaporating temperature,
Consequently, these particles are associated with evaporation light, so there are different atomic spectra have emerged, with all the temperature progressively enhanced, the metal atom density arc progressively greater, resonance absorption, atomic spectrum disappears, and extended to long wavelength, simply because the lamp temperature is often additional enhanced as well as the heat stability, so every one of the metal halide evaporation, molecular spectroscopy appears, shade and brightness are secure, light stress as much as tens of atmospheres, lights inside the arc by low voltage arc discharge into high-voltage arc discharge lamp, voltage from 18 ~ 20V to rise and steadily stabilized to about 100V, in regular light lamp dimensions, luminous efficiency and light system framework and metal containing three types of metal halide lamp, the benefits and disadvantages.

The largest advantage of metal halide lamp is the luminous efficiency is especially high, the luminous efficiency is as substantial as 80 ~ 90Lm/W, whilst the typical luminescence is less, so it can be a cold light supply. As a consequence of the spectra on the metal halide lamp is superposed about the continuous spectrum based on the dense linear spectrum. As a result, it’s sizeable specially high colour rendering index, color reproduction is particularly great, up to 90%. Also, the metal halide lamp colour temperature is substantial, as much as 5000 ~ 6000K, a unique projector lamp can reach 7000 ~ 8000K. Beneath the condition of the same brightness, increased the temperature, the eyes feel far more vivid metal halide lamps resulting from large brightness, smaller volume, so somewhat short-lived, as a result of the limitations of components and technologies, at existing domestic metal halide lamp life continues to be reduce than 1000 hrs. One more disadvantage of the imports from the metal halide lamp life of as much as thousands of hours of the metal halide lamp is challenging to start off, should use particular ignitor. Following starting the brightness on the program is gradually increased, when the starting up vitality is also massive, the commencing pace is also rapid, will influence the lamp daily life, in circuit style should be completely regarded as.

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