Five tricks to choose the lamp holder?

Porcelain lamp socket E27,E40,E26,E14,E12,E26 are very well known in our daily life,” E “at the beginning is normally: screw socket, GU10 Gu in the starting for our each day use in the bayonet. GU:G stated lamp kind is actually a plug-in, u mentioned lamp presents a U shape, the numbers behind stated lamp foot hole center distance (mm, mm). Tips on how to choose the correct lamp holder,the suggestions as following:

Initially, as outlined by the outlook of ceramic lamp socket,6 guidelines as beneath:
A) surface remedy impact, color and sample strategy in line with the sampling plan
B) rated voltage, rated current, regular number, certification mark,
C) lamp model, voltage, current, certification marks a clear, full screw cap mouth ring surface need to clean and bright, should really not wrinkle,
D) wires with smooth surface, no scratches, via parts no sharp edges, burrs, uniform insulation thickness, the thread processing reference samples (immersion tin, riveting terminal).
E) the wire is fixed and the screw will not be dropped. Lamp shrapnel and hardware specifications with out loosening, tilt, and lamp very good make contact with,
F) no rust surface, no cracks in thick material specifications to meet the requirements, the harm.

Secondly,Lamp socket sizes:
A) ceramic total high and step size reference samples, allowing 1mm to the bottom of your lamp holder shrapnel position 17.00mm 0.50mm
B) with line size (cross-sectional location * * length) variety of single stranded wire diameter really should be in accordance with all the approved sample or information specifications;
C) Thread screw lamp holder needs to be filled with much more helpful length of one particular along with a half times, thread height not significantly less than 7mm;
D) 24.60mm-25.20 mm diameter screw ring holder,;
E) lamp holder contacts thickness not less than 0.38mm, check the lead finish in line with the info needs is needed with tin;
F) shell thickness not much less than 0.20mm, ideal, size of the gasket matched using the insulation gasket, cap screw hole size essential to meet the requirements.

Thirdly,electric strength: Lamp speak to piece as well as the casing in regular climatic circumstances (25 DEG C plus or minus 10 degrees Celsius, humidity 45 – 75%) ought to withstand 1500VAC/1 minutes (1800VAC/ 1s) in the dielectric strength test shall not discharge, breakdown phenomenon.

Forth, insulation resistance: Lamp make contact with piece among the shell plus the insulation resistance, within the normal climate circumstances (25 DEG C plus or minus 10 degrees Celsius, humidity 45 – 75%) must not be significantly less than 50m ohm.

Finally,wet experiment: within the wet test box sample into the test chamber prior to, really should initially in 45 DEG C plus or minus 2 DEG C under the condition of storing 2h, temperature stability of samples inside the temperature is 40 DEG C 2 degrees, relative humidity 90% – 95% beneath the condition of retain 40H, outer surface on account of corrosion phenomenon.

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