FAQ’S about the High Bay and Low Bay Lighting

The metal halide high bay or minimal bay light is no longer operating. Right here really are a handful of guidelines to troubleshoot your metal halide:

one) Assure voltage is present at fixture by studying using a voltage meter.

two) If there is certainly voltage, make certain the wires are properly wired to your appropriate voltage. In our metal halide high bay and low bay lights, multi tap ballasts let for that lights to be wired for 120, 208, 240, or 277 volts.

three) Assuming the very first two steps are satisfactory, it’s time for you to verify the light bulb. The most typical approach to test a light bulb is always to try your bulb inside a functioning light fixture to make sure it performs properly.you’ll find two varieties:metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamps.
Metal halide lighting differs from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) during the colour and high-quality of light delivered. Metal halide is usually a hugely efficient light source capable of delivering a white light in the assortment of 2700 to 5500 Kelvin with typical CRIs during the mid-60s to mid-70s. Some lamp chemistries even receive CRIs within the 80s. In contrast, high pressure sodium lamps yield yellow lighting (2200K) and have an incredibly poor colour rendering index of 22.

HPS lamps are available in color-corrected versions that shorten their lifestyle and only somewhat make improvements to color temperature. Even with enormously improved CRIs, the color temperature even now delivers yellow light. This color limitation is current for the reason that the HPS lamp generates light as a result of the excitation of sodium. Metal halide lamps, alternatively, make light through the excitation of two to five distinct chemicals during the arc tube. Also, the unique Uni-Form formed entire body arc tube is actually a newly-designed, compact light supply sculpted to stick to the bodily shape of the arc itself. The exact geometry of this exceptional arc tube, accurately reproducible from lamp to lamp, produces a metal halide lamp of higher efficiency, improved shade uniformity, and longer daily life.

4) If your above 3 techniques are satisfactory, your dilemma is possible together with the ballast and/or capacitor.

We suggest putting in a fresh ballast kit.

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