Commonly lighting fixtures safety layout note

General spt-2 transparent energy line dimension feet with plug holes, the demands in material for copper nickel, word connect to feet to the L pole, stripe even Bigfoot will be the N pole, and the switch to cut off the word mark wires. Also helpful black plug line, the size from the foot double straight pin flat plug, N pole wire diameter plus a straight line, L pole wire diameter is comparatively thin and smooth. Within the lamp entire body with black and white lead, black lead wire l pole, white lead connected with N pole outlet length grounds outlet to plug is just not under 6 feet, #company rule:not brief one.80m, wiring generally closed – finish connectors (pacifier), a screwing kind connection device (toothpaste) two core double insulated wires and feet round plug. While in the brown line, blue line and brown line connected with the L pole, the blue line connected with N pole; double insulation line core, annihilator tripods round plug, brown, blue and yellow bicolor lead, the yellow line to ground, load switch will have to manage the firing line, power line outlet length demands for one.85 M, connection mode of basic of your connection seat.

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