Characteristics and application of LED fluorescent lamp

LED 10W tube is brighter than the standard 40W fluorescent lamp, LED 16W tube is a lot more than the traditional 64W fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, primarily the brightness in the additional soft and even more in order that individuals can conveniently accept. Daily life in a lot more than 50000 hours, power supply voltage is – 260V (AC), with out starter and lamp ballast, start out fast, little electrical power, no stroboscopic, not easy to visual fatigue. It’s not just super sturdy power conserving far more environmentally friendly. It is one of the most critical products of nationwide green energy saving lighting undertaking, that is probably the most best merchandise to exchange the traditional fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamp set up is relatively basic, it can be divided into two sorts of energy supply and external power, the power with the built-in LED fluorescent lamp installation, the original fluorescent lamp to replace the LED fluorescent lamp, as well as the ballast as well as the lamp will likely be eliminated, so that the exchange of electrical energy straight to the LED 220V. Electrical power outside the LED fluorescent lamps are normally equipped with a special lamp holder, the replacement in the unique is usually used.

LED fluorescent lamp power saving as much as 80% or far more, daily life is more than 10 occasions the ordinary lamp, just about servicing no cost, there may be no will need to commonly exchange the lamp, light ballast, starter, about half a 12 months down the cost cost savings might be in exchange for the value. Green environmental protection variety of semiconductor light supply, light, pure, is conducive to your protection of employees and well being, 6000K cold light supply to neat the visual practical experience, assist to emphasis, enhance efficiency LED fluorescent lamp with higher quality, long lasting, vitality conserving because the most important qualities, the projection angle adjustment selection, 15W brightness is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, high temperature, waterproof, waterproof, anti leakage. Using voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional cover glass or Pc materials. The lamp and fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamp making use of the latest LED light source technology, digital layout, power conserving up to 70%, LED 12W fluorescent lamp 40W fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp lifestyle is 10 occasions a lot more than ordinary lamps, just about servicing free, no need to exchange the lamp, ballast, starter. Green environmental protection of semiconductor light supply, the light is soft, the spectrum is pure, it is helpful for the user’s eyesight safety and health. 6000K cold light source gives people a awesome and refreshing feeling, the human nature of the illumination big difference layout, more conducive to emphasis, enhance efficiency.

A) the adaptability and reliability of all kinds of harsh atmosphere from the indoor and outdoor are improved.

B) rich colors: is composed of three principal colors (red, green, and blue) display unit box, the electronic display show wealthy shade, substantial saturation, high resolution, high frequency dynamic image

C) higher brightness: using ultra high brightness from the LED, the sun continues to be obviously visible inside the distance

D) the effect is fantastic: the picture is far more clear as well as degree of the picture is stronger together with the non-linear correction system.

E) reliability: using static scanning technological innovation and modular style technologies, reliability, stability, increased

F) display mode diversification: support for several display modes

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